Allen Nance

CMO, Emarsys

Allen is an entrepreneur first, and an investor second. He surfs, boxes, blogs, and is a technology fanatic. He doesn’t have a filter on his mouth, and is not working on it. He has had opportunities that don’t matter, such as being mentioned the prerequisite amount of times in the paper, or listed in the most this, or the youngest that. He has also had opportunities that do matter, like having amazing mentors and working with crazy smart team members. He is the first person in his family to attend college; he is especially proud of his education.

Breakout Sessions IV
Winning Solutions
Panel Discussion: Going Beyond the AI Hype
Artificial intelligence is at the center of conversations around the world. But there are still a lot of myths and over-exaggerations around it. In this panel discussion hosted by Emarsys, hear industry experts discuss AI and its impact in the field of marketing. In this hype-free conversation, our experts will take a more realistic and practical look at AI while debunking some of the common myths and misperceptions. If you’re interested in AI and separating hype from reality, then you won’t want to miss this panel discussion.