Andre Zdanow

VP of eCommerce, Gemaire Distributors

Andre is the Vice President of eCommerce for Gemaire Distributors; leading the Development, Product Information Management, Customer Service, and Marketing teams.  He bridges the gap between 500 external vendors, regional sales leaders across six divisions, technology teams, and over 25,000 customers. After years in finance, and spending nearly a decade investing in, working at, and scaling startups, in finance, technology, and consumer products, Andre joined Watsco in 2014 as Director of Watsco Ventures.  Understanding the tremendous opportunity in infusing technology in the Watsco businesses to further extend its market leadership, Andre joined Gemaire in 2016. He has been featured on TV, radio, and print publications across the Americas, including The Wall Street Journal, eCommerce Times, Investor’s Business Daily, La Reforma (Mexico), Fox, Fox News, WPIX, and The Christian Science Monitor. Andre holds a BS in International Business from LIU Post, and lives with his wife and two sons in Boca Raton, FL.

Breakout Sessions IX
Secrets to B2B Commerce Success
Pioneering an eCommerce strategy in a B2B organization has its challenges. From gaining organizational support to creating a vision for new business models and ways of interacting with buyers, there are few hard, and fast, best practices to rely on. Learning from practitioners who are testing new ideas every day is one of the best ways to identify effective strategies for your business. In this session, you’ll hear from four seasoned B2B commerce leaders who will share their hard-won insights into building business cases, enabling fast and easy product discovery, simplifying the buying and order management process, and managing an upgrade to Magento 2.