Anita Andrews

Director, CX Strategy, Magento, an Adobe Company

Anita’s expertise includes data & analytics, B-to-B and B-to-C platforms, e-commerce and omnichannel strategy, social gaming and viral metrics optimization, product management, online marketing, and social networks. She was Founder & CEO of Sepiida, an analytics and Internet marketing optimization company, whose clients included Zynga Games Network, Haymarket Media, and Coveroo. Sepiida was acquired by Delphic Digital in 2012. Prior to Sepiida, she ran Ecommerce at Nutrisystem, a $750 million subscription ecommerce business, and has held a variety of product and marketing roles at successful start-ups in Silicon Valley. Anita holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. She earned her B.A. from New York University majoring in Politics with a minor in Mathematics. She is a founding Trustee of TechGirlz whose mission is to grow the role of women in technology by focusing on middle school-aged girls. She also serves on the board of The Enterprise Center.

Breakout Sessions IV
Commerce Best Practices
Creating a Memorable Experience that Matters to Your Customer and Your Business
Today everyone is trying innovate and keep pace with the competition.  As soon as a competitor sees success with something new, businesses rush to achieve parity in hopes to attract and retain customers. However, your relationship with your customers is not the same as your competitors. Successful businesses put their own customers first and seek to understand everything about them to deliver meaningful, revenue driving experiences. Doing so requires the initial, constant and rigorous analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. Join Anita Andrews as she walks through examples of the thought process, approach and tradeoffs behind the experiences created by two different businesses that made an impact for them, and their customers.