Ben Chafetz

CEO, 121eCommerce

Ben is the CEO and driving force behind 121eCommerce. After growing an eCommerce business from $500,000 in yearly revenue to $80 million, Ben founded 121eCommerce in 2014. In just over three years, 121eCommerce has grown from a fledgling group of five people to a robust team of 34 members.

Ben has extensive experience working with B2C, B2B, manufacturers and brick-and-mortar retailers looking to sell online. His team of Magento certified developers has successfully built, re-platformed and maintained over 75 Magento sites. By combining the best team with the best processes, Ben discovers effective ways to bring quantifiable results to each company he works with to aggressively maximize revenue growth.

Ben is responsible for everything that happens at 121eCommerce. From creating and driving the sales pipeline, to setting goals and expectations, to managing a delicate ecosystem of over 50 living beings. And no, that’s not his staff. It’s his fish tank.

Ben lives and breathes eCommerce because he loves to see things grow. Whether it’s 121, his clients, or the fish tank, taking something and making it thrive is what Ben lives for.

Breakout Sessions VI
Commerce Best Practices
Leading the Charge: Tales from Building a Magento Business Practice
Digital is driving a fundamental re-thinking of customer experience across every industry where reaching across disciplines and pushing beyond boundaries is the reality for reaching today’s digital consumer. Are you looking for actionable insights and tips on growing your agency? Or even, how to get started with building a Magento business practice is no easy task. In this session, hear from four leading Magento solution partner organizations on how they have built their Magento business practice, tips for staying ahead and pitfalls to watch out for when planning, scaling and growing in today’s ever-changing eCommerce landscape.