Brad Skeen

Executive Strategist,

Brad brings over 20 years of experience to his work; from his roots in custom application development to his work on technical executive consultation, he has worked in various capacities within the field of web technologies and his knowledge on the subject matter is unparalleled. Brad has led a team of web developers for numerous projects, in training, and in professional development. He has also developed numerous high-level strategies for clients, including establishing a foundational vision, goals, and objectives; defining functional and integration requirements; providing road maps for long-term, phased development plans; overseeing project implementation at every phase of the software development lifecycle; and providing detailed statistical analysis and data-driven, actionable recommendations. Brad’s project experience includes website strategy work for the University of Missouri Extension, Green Bay Packers, enterprise technical strategy for the US Youth Soccer Enterprise, enterprise technical strategy for The Joint Commission, and many more.

Breakout Sessions II
Commerce Best Practices
Creating Consistent Omnichannel Shopping Experiences Across a Diverse Audience
"The University of Missouri Extension endeavors to understand, change, and solve the problems that face the state of Missouri. This necessitates serving highly diverse audiences with both traditional and non-traditional product offerings. Magento enables customer account management, sales and integration with best-in-class SAS platforms to deliver a unified shopping cart while driving purchases across multiple channels. Through the use of Magento’s multistore capability, various units can promote distinct brands while cross-promoting products from other stores, where appropriate. This session will demonstrate key features of Magento that are applicable to higher education, non-profits or corporate users when managing multiple brands."