Brandon Pack

Director of Software Engineering, Adobe

Brandon is currently working as the Director of Software Engineering for Adobe inside the Digital Marketing Division focused mostly on client-side JavaScript and tag management tools.  He started at Adobe nearly 10 years ago as an Engineering Lead on the Marketing and Advertising SaaS applications.  Prior to joining Adobe, Brandon worked as a Magento developer for a number of companies and start-ups.  With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA, Brandon brings a unique perspective across both technology and business.  He has been awarded numerous patents on this software creations and is passionate about Open Source.

Adobe Experience Platform Launch & Magento - Develop for the Client-side of Experience Platform (Pre-Registration was required. This session is full. Please show up 15 minutes prior to the session for the onsite wait line.)
Mobile and web marketing technologies are growing by leaps and bounds.  Come learn how to simplify your use of JavaScript tags, advertising measurement tech, and marketing pixels using brand new tools now available to Magento Enterprise customers through the Adobe acquisition. While the principles we learn can apply to any Tag Management Platform, this lab will use Adobe Launch to install and practice the basics of Tag Management on a sample Magento website.