Casey Armstrong

CMO, ShipBob

Casey Armstrong is the Chief Marketing Officer at ShipBob, a technology-enabled logistics solution providing next- and 2-day shipping. Prior to ShipBob, Casey served in leadership roles as VP of Marketing at BigCommerce, SVP at Watchmaster, and CEO of PaleoHacks, which he led to an acquisition.

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Small Business
How Interior Design Outsourced Logistics to 10X their Growth
Interior Define was able to scale their furniture business from shipping out a few swatches a day to shipping out 100s per day, They were able to do this through partnering with ShipBob, as their 3PL.  This allowed them to: - Move in-house and off-hour fulfillment to an outsourced partner, who happened ot have a fulfillment center close by. - Spend more time focusing on customer experience (eg. the branding, unboxing, and shipping experience) and customer acquisition. - Move from one fulfillment center to a distributed fulfillment center model to cut down on shipping costs and shipping times. - These cost savings were able to be re-invested back into the company to drive additional growth.