Charles Desjardins

Partner & EVP, Absolunet

Charles is an Absolunet partner and the agency’s Executive Vice-President. He manages sales, business development, marketing and strategy. A born disrupter, Charles develops major accounts and international markets. He has served on numerous boards for organizations whose missions range from entrepreneurship to health and he currently sits on Leucan’s Board of Directors. Charles holds a Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in International Management (major in Finance) from HEC Montréal.

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Business Strategies
Real Talk: 10 eCommerce Trends (Or Reality) Brand Retailers Must Know 
Spoiler Alert! How consumers interact, discover and purchase goods (as well as return them) is now a 24/7 cycle. Consumers are much more conscious of making ethical purchasing decisions with a focus on sustainability, not to mention the pressure for retailers to deliver a omnichannel experience that is consistent and on-brand. Think peak season is tough? Free returns and free shipping can and will be used against you. How do you sell online if a consumer never visits your website? Thriving in today’s Amazon age presents growing pressure for retailers to bring their A game to survive the changing tides. Dive in and listen to 10 eCommerce trends that will guide you down the path to becoming an omni-champion.