Courtney Heitman

Scrum Master & UX Developer, Gallup

A farm girl turned tech nerd, I taught myself HTML and CSS at age 11 on a dial-up internet connection in rural Iowa. In present day, I am the Scrum Master and a UX developer for the Magento team at Gallup, in Omaha, Nebraska. I have a passion for making the web usable and accessible to all.

Breakout Sessions IV
Commerce Best Practices
Mapping the User's Journey
Do you feel like you don't actually know your users? Do they struggle through the flow of your website, and you don’t know why? This session will introduce you to empathy mapping, and how it will help you to relate to your users better. Once we have some empathy (mapping), we'll go over user journey mapping, so we can better understand what questions and pain points our users are having as they move through our site.