Dannica Hutton

Senior Solutions Strategist, Corra

As a Corra Senior Solutions Strategist, Dannica is dedicated to helping companies exceed their business objectives by coming up with innovative solutions to business problems. She has over seven years experience with digital commerce and Magento solutions, and has managed strategy for 20+ companies including Sugarfina, Z Gallerie, & St. John Knits. In addition to working with clients, she sits on the Magento Certification Advisory Board, where she helps establish the criteria necessary to determine Magento implementation expertise.

Breakout Sessions IV
Business Strategies
Maximizing your Magento Upgrade - Tactics and Best Practices for Continued Success 
As June 2020 approaches, join us as we discuss fellow merchant St John Knits’ migration story from Magento Commerce 1 to 2. We will highlight the most critical steps in their migration journey, including the decisions faced, benefits of upgrading to Magento 2 and the power of the partnership between St. John Knits, Nosto and Corra. Additionally, we will explore the specific results achieved by St John Knits: including an enhanced online shopping experience, improved performance, seamless personalization and a broadened demographic appeal.