David Deppner

CEO & Founder, Psyberware

David is the CEO / Founder of Psyberware, specializing in advanced PPC advertising for Magento merchants. He holds undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Business Management, and a Master’s in Business Administration. David brings over 25 years of experience managing internet businesses, including 9 years as the head of IT and Ecommerce for a mid-sized Magento merchant.

Breakout Sessions V
Commerce Best Practices
Round Pegs Into Square Holes: Exporting Magento Commerce 2 Products to Google Merchant Center
There are many key differences between the Magento product architecture and the Google Shopping Feed Specification. This can create challenges for all Magento merchants. In this session we will take a deep dive into the requirements for listing products in Google Shopping Ads, as they relate to key Magento architectural concepts. We will examine the differences between Google’s product and landing page requirements and the core product types in Magento Commerce 2, and explore how to resolve them. Don’t miss this talk for practical tips on getting your products listed in Google’s systems.