Eric Gutoski

Partner & Managing Director, BORN

Eric has over 20 years in IT, the last 10+ years focused on eCommerce.

As SVP Americas at Tacit Knowledge, Group Account Director at Accenture and Partner and Managing Director at BORN, he has led global teams and overseen the implementation of global, multimillion dollar B2B and B2C eCommerce, Content Management and Digital Marketing solutions for some of the biggest brands on the IR 100, using most of the solutions on the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

In his free time, Eric enjoys snowboarding, cooking and watching yakuza movies.

Breakout Sessions VIII
Commerce Best Practices
Where’s The Bus? How A Mobile First Approach To Multichannel Digitally Transformed BigBusTours
There is no bus on the new BigBusTours website, because BigBusTours isn’t selling bus rides. BigBusTours is selling the travel experience of your life, and after the global multichannel transformation of their brand on Magento 2 that’s exactly what their brand declares - at every possible touchpoint along their customer journey. From hotel concierges to street vendors, social media to expedia, BigBusTours was repositioned as the most valued city guide in the world by privileging a mobile first customer experience. Learn how at this session.