George Vlagos

Founder, Oak Street Bootmakers'

The son of a cobbler, Oak Street Bootmakers’ founder and designer George Vlagos apprenticed at his father’s shop where he learned the craft of shoemaking from an early age. Today, George seeks to preserve the heritage of fine shoemaking through thoughtfully designed and attentively crafted shoes.

Breakout Sessions VII
Small Business
Building eCommerce Marketing Excellence: The Four Stages of Marketing Maturity for Small Business Merchants
Every small business merchant and entrepreneur can continually grow their business by calling upon the right marketing strategies and tactics at the right time. The key is to know which approaches to leverage at each business stage. Come learn about the eCommerce marketing maturity model and the key characteristics, typical retailer experiences and common pain points of each phase. We will reveal insights from online merchants, such as Apple Park, Maxtrix Kids, and Oak Street Bootmakers.