Jeanne Lasheff

VP, Information Technology, Scrip Companies

Jeanne is the VP of Information Technology at Scrip Companies.  Scrip Companies is a leading distributor of health and wellness products, with a diverse eCommerce landscape including both B2B and B2C customers, combined with a US based call center focused on customer care.  Jeanne’s organization is responsible for strategy, development and execution of all technology based solutions.   Prior to joining Scrip, Jeanne’s career included enterprise level IT solution delivery across multiple platforms, as well as building and running an IT consulting company.  She is passionate about bringing together the right team and exceeding delivery expectations.

Breakout Sessions VI
Leading the way in the Health & Wellness industry: Transforming SCRIPCO’s B2B2C Business
With six eCommerce sites, custom business rules, 20+ enterprise integration points, a catalog of over 50,000 SKUs and customers that range from individuals through large networks of healthcare providers, SCRIP Companies e-commerce operations are complex. As VP of Technology at SCRIP Companies Jeanne Lasheff has been leading the e-commerce transformation from multiple legacy e-commerce platforms onto Magento Commerce. This presentation covers the key elements of the transformation program, the value of the Magento Commerce B2B capabilities and lessons learned along the way.