Jeff Johnson

Digital Business Manager, Regis Corporation

Jeff is a 21 year veteran of company in various roles in supply chain. In his current role as Digital Business Manager, he is responsible for digital transformation of the Regis franchise facing B2B business and stylist facing B2C business. He has led the cross functional team through platform selection, integrating partner selection, discovery, functional spec deliverable, and standing up each environments. They successfully launched the B2B business on Magento in January of 2018, and the launch of the B2C business is anticipated for April 2018.

Breakout Sessions II
The Digital B2B Commerce Journey: How to Take Your Next Step
Digital technology is quickly changing the rules of engagement for B2B companies in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. The convergence of data, content, intelligent devices, and artificial intelligence creates an opportunity for established companies to redefine themselves and become industry leaders. In this session, you’ll learn about the levels of B2B digital maturity and listen to the experiences of three B2B organizations on their digital journeys and how they’ve integrated it as part of their overall corporate strategy.