John Cymerman

CTO, Trellis

John has over 10 years professional experience as a software developer and leader in technology. John has worked on custom Software as a Service projects as well as highly complex enterprise eCommerce websites. John is a Magento certified developer who has experience working on some of the largest Magento sites in the world. 

Breakout Sessions VIII
Small Business
The Joy of Exponential Growth: Outgrowing Your Business Systems
Need enterprise functionality fast with a limited budget? We’ll discuss the essential growth roadmap for small business merchants based on our work with dozens of online merchants. We’ll describe upgrading systems to enterprise scale (ERP, PIM, CRM, ESP, etc), consolidating capabilities into a single stack (Magento BI, cloud, OM), and leveraging the many powerful capabilities from the Magento Marketplace. We’ll also cover how to maintain differentiation and culture while you’re ramping up, including when/how to hire your team. You’ll also hear about several retailers we’ve worked with and how we put this growth strategy into action.