Joshua Dickerson

Lead Software Engineer, Baker Distributing

Josh is the Lead Software Engineer at Baker Distributing. He started developing PHP applications 16 years ago when he started his first company. As an entrepreneur who happens to develop software, he likes to truly understand the business and its issues; then applying software to help propel it. Building applications with micro-services on top of containers and FaaS is the future. Josh believes Watsco and Baker Distributing are leading the way for the future of B2B sales.

Breakout Sessions II
Business Innovations
The Migration Advantage: Leading the Way with B2B
Baker is migrating to Magento 2 with a brand new B2B experience. Beyond new experiences, they needed to rethink everything and prepare for new approach to infrastructure including PWA, Docker and building on legacy systems. Please join Baker and this panel of experts as they discuss technical considerations and other discoveries from this journey.