Justin Leiter

Web Administrator, United Wheels Company

Justin is a Web Administrator and has been with United Wheels since June 2018. During his employment with United Wheels, Justin has been involved with several Magento integrations involving Huffy, Batch, and Royce Union. Tasked with overseeing multiple sites, Justin has excelled at completing both complex and simple issues brought to his attention. In his free time Justin enjoys both hiking and mountain biking. He is also a certified scuba diver with a passion for traveling.

Breakout Sessions I
How the Biggest Name in Bicycles is Rebuilding Business through Independent Shops: B2B Integrations and Disrupting the Distribution Channel
With a 125-plus year legacy, Huffy Bicycle’s goals have always been to get more bikes to more people. This mission drove down both the cost of bikes and the quality. As they took over more and more of the market, smaller retailers and independent bike shops floundered. Now, along with their partnerships with big box retailers, Huffy is developing brands that focus on getting the right bike to the right person, often involving those smaller, independent retailers they once pedaled over. Through brands like Batch Bicycles, Huffy is working with independent bike shops to reach a different kind of customer. Huffy turned to our team to create a unique digital solution for their new brand, Batch Bicycles. This new way of doing business uses the economies of scale of Huffy to bring sales, customers, and profitable product lines to local bike shops, helping Huffy to break into a different market.