Justin Thomas

AVP - Business Development, Krish Technolabs

With an experience of around a decade, Justin has indeed developed an instinct towards digital commerce. Currently he is serving as AVP-Business development at Krish Technolabs, a full service digital commerce agency having footprints across the globe. Justin is recognized among his clients as a professional presenter, a good listener, and a highly skilled personnel with knowledge about the latest industry trends & standards and with a personable nature. Besides commerce, he can be seen with his camera, capturing moments around him and satisfying his taste buds with new cuisines.

Breakout Sessions VII
Commerce Best Practices
Transforming the Lives of Senior Citizens using Magento Commerce
This unique e-tailing story shows how the Magento Commerce platform created a one-stop destination for senior citizens. Seniority, India’s first eCommerce pure-play site, show how they’ve leveraged the full potential of Magento to become the trusted companion all seniors and their delegates. Seniority welcomes their impulse shoppers on mobile devices, larger screens, and even on WhatsApp, all with Magento at its center. Discover how Magento Commerce connects all their channels flawlessly, and provides the highest levels of customer service for all elders and their caregivers.