Kevin Eichelberger

Co-CEO & Founder, Blue Acorn iCi

Kevin Eichelberger is the Co-CEO of Blue Acorn iCi, the only digital customer experience company pioneering what’s possible through the convergence of analytics, ecommerce, content management, and full-service commerce. For years, Blue Acorn iCi has leveraged Magento and Adobe Experience Cloud to create unforgettable digital consumer experiences, driven by data and powerful content, that elevate a brand to the top of its category and unlock its growth potential.

Since the turn of the Century, Kevin has immersed himself in all things ecommerce - fueled by a passion to help brands grow customer engagement and transactions. A thought leader in the digital commerce space, Kevin has been invited as a featured presenter at IRCE, Magento Imagine, Opticon, Conversion Conference, Fashion Digital, and has been published in Adweek, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Internet Retail, among other industry leading events and publications.

Breakout Sessions II
Experience-Driven Commerce
The 12 Rules of Brand Digital Commerce
From snack foods to personal care products, consumer industries once considered exempt from the digital revolution now face growing competition from digital-first retailers. Meanwhile, consumers now expect deeply exceptional experiences and interactions with the brands they love. Most companies acknowledge the critical need for direct-to-consumer digital commerce strategies, but many initiatives are lacking a definitive framework for success. Acknowledging this shortfall in thought leadership, the Adweek/Brandweek Insights Group authored “The 12 Rules of Brand Digital Commerce,” a groundbreaking study providing a comprehensive look on the topic of digital commerce for brands. In this presentation, Gil Ozir, Adweek/Brandweek Managing Partner, reviews the first-of-its-kind report, including an outline of key factors critical for achieving a successful, long-term digital commerce strategy while avoiding costly mistakes.
Breakout Sessions III
Experience-Driven Commerce
Experience-Driven Commerce with Adobe
Experience-driven commerce is an immersive brand experience that leverages the power of technology and data to create intimacy with consumers and drive revenue, by meeting their needs at every stage of the purchase and post-purchase journey. In this session, our speakers will cover how Adobe and Magento work together to enable experience-driven commerce. The tools now available, when applied effectively, create consumer intimacy by delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. Attendees will take away a better understanding of how to create an immersive and fluid brand experience from first click to delivery, and how to create unique reasons for consumers to buy.