Lewis Sellers

Founder, Pinpoint

Lewis is Managing Director of Pinpoint and founded the company in 2013. Pinpoint, now part of the IDHL Group, is an award-winning eCommerce agency with offices in Leeds, London and Manchester. Pinpoint specialise purely in the Magento platform, working with clients such as Osprey Europe, Supercuts, Regis Salons, Beer Hawk, Pretty Little Thing and N.Peal. Lewis has been working in eCommerce for over 10 years, where prior to starting Pinpoint, he ran an online store for a number of years, which was where he first worked with the Magento platform.

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Small Business
7 Secrets to a Successful Migration: How Beer Hawk Upgraded from Magento Open Source 1 to Magento Commerce 2
Find out how Beer Hawk, a leading online craft beer retailer, experienced explosive growth after upgrading to Magento Commerce 2 in only 3 months. Joined by their solutions partner, Pinpoint, learn about the challenges they faced, the things they wished they would have known in advance, and how this new platform is enabling the rapid expansion of omnichannel bars and subscription models. Don’t miss this exciting talk from industry leaders.