Libby Morgan

President, Optaros by MRM//McCann

With 20 years of experience in eCommerce and digital marketing services space, Libby is well versed in creating successful online experiences. 

She has held positions in client services, business development and eCommerce leadership at Acquity Group; was VP Managing Director at iCrossing and prior to that, had successful roles at Capgemini, Razorfish, Ogilvy Interactive and Accenture.

Breakout Sessions VIII
The B2B Commerce Evolution: Importance of Leveraging Data, Content and Brand Identity
B2B Commerce is competitive—that’s nothing new. But the competition in today’s B2B digital commerce landscape is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The top initiative for B2B business influencers and decision makers is to improve the customer experience. Rich and engaging content is a major deciding factor for online shoppers. Within this, personalization is slowly evolving to individualization. Engaging customers as a “segment of one,” in real time, will be the new normal. A business must listen, capture, measure, assess, and act on customers’ intent across every enterprise touchpoint.