Maya Zito

Manager, MBI Analyst Team, Magento Commerce

Maya manages the Magento Business Intelligence Analyst Team and works with merchants to help them analyze their data and grow their business. For the last decade she has spent her time in retail, affiliate marketing, customer success, and recently has made the move to product. She has trained hundreds of merchants on how to use MBI and is now focusing on advancing the product to meet their needs.

Breakout Sessions VIII
Growth Strategies
Magento Business Intelligence Presents: “Live Customer Stories”
For some businesses it takes too long to get the answers needed to make smart decisions. The reality is that accessing and using data on a daily basis is time consuming and creates headaches across an organization. The good news is that with a little focus, you can eliminate the burden and make gaining insights part of your daily routine. Join this session as we hear from merchants about their data challenges and how they are now using Magento Business Intelligence to make their lives easier and data driven.