Melissa Gagnier-Solis

COO, Painful Pleasures

After spending her spare time selling on eBay for over a decade while earning a BS and MS in Civil Engineering at the University of Michigan, through her time in the Dominican Republic serving in the Peace Corps, and through her time earning a second masters in Project Management from the University of Maryland while working full time as a Project Engineer, Melissa decided to change careers and join PainfulPleasures in 2011.

Melissa oversees operations and works to maintain, build, and streamline the processes at PainfulPleasures. Melissa has led the organization through many changes; the most recent and impactful change was the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and the implementation and connection of Netsuite to Magento.

Breakout Sessions II
Small Business
Merchants & Developers: How to Work Together to Build a Successful Magento 2 Site
The purpose of this presentation would be to present expectations for developers & merchants in maintaining, developing, and growing a Magento 2 ecommerce Site. What are the roles of the merchant & developer and how do we optimize that relationship. In addition, we’ll explore how merchants & developers work together during stressful situations and what a strategic communication plan looks like when things go wrong.