Muliadi Jeo

Founder & CEO, iCube

Muliadi is the founder and the chief technology officer for ICUBE inc, one of the leading Magento Solution Partner in Asia Pacific. For the last 15 years, Muliadi have been working inthe eCommerce area. His passion is in retail especially in area of Omnichannel and Retailinnovation. His past ecommerce projects include some of the well-known international brand such as TOMS Shoes, RelaxTheBack, Rayban, Behr, Oprah Store, Footlocker, and local brand such as Kawan Lama Group, MAP Group, The Body Shop, Electronic Solutions and more. He also served as CTO for several startups in Indonesia such as Bobobobo, Shopdeca and VIP Plaza.

Breakout Sessions V
Mobile Conversion in the Wild: Global Research Results
Come hear from our community team of System Integrators and Merchants about their participation in an ongoing study measuring the impact of mobile optimization’s effects on conversion. Hear firsthand about the changes they made and the positive results achieved.