Nate Golubiewski

Solutions Consultant, Magento Commerce

Nate actively helps Magento merchants evaluate Magento and determine the appropriate product fit for their business needs as a Solutions Consultant for Magento. 

He has extensive experience engaging merchants to implement new softwares, focusing on business intelligence and reporting. Nate has helped guide internal BI initiatives and reporting for companies by leveraging various data warehousing and reporting tools. He has implemented Magento Business Intelligence for dozens of Magento merchants, and successfully enabled these merchants gain a wholistic view of their business across data sources like Magento, CRMs, Help Centers, Ad spend sources, ERPs and more.

Special Sessions
Magento U: Data Insights Scenarios Using MBI
In this free Magento U workshop, we’ll uncover key concepts for using Magento Business Intelligence Essentials. Join this session for use case scenarios, commonly used dashboards, editing existing out-of-the-box reports, data integrations and update cycles, and more.