Nzinga Shaw

Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena

Nzinga Shaw is currently the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer of the Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena. She is the first person to hold this position in the National Basketball Association. In her role, Shaw is responsible for developing and embedding diversity and inclusion best practices throughout the organization. She has designed a strategic, cross-departmental program that creates deeper cultural awareness and sensitivity. Additionally, Shaw serves as a member of the Executive Committee and provides guidance to the leadership team so that they can engender inclusivity in every facet of the business. Shaw is developing a strategy to embed diversity and inclusion in all programmatic activity, governance and daily administration of the organization. She is focused on building a foundation that will advance this strategy as a core component of the Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena brand, and to drive the business. This initiative extends to fans, customers, community partners and within the workforce.

Special Sessions
Home Court Advantage: Promoting Pro-Level Diversity
When the Atlanta Hawks came under fire because upper management had used discriminatory language to refer to fans and players, it could have meant the demise of the brand. Instead, the Hawks hired the NBA’s first chief diversity and inclusion officer, Nzinga Shaw, and set out to out to build bridges in the community through the lens of basketball.  Shaw shares the story of how the Hawks rebuilt their relationship with Atlanta – inside and out – by embracing new and emerging talent and by engaging communities across a city known for celebrating its multidimensional diversity.