Olena Tkacheva

Sr. Product Manager, Magento Commerce

Olena is leading the merchant experience in Magento from a product management side. She drives CMS modernization from the Bluefoot acquisition to Magento PageBuilder release. Key focus of her work is to enable merchants to effortlessly create best in class customer experience.

Breakout Sessions VIII
Business Innovations
Introducing Magento Page Builder: Powering Your Website Content, Themes and Extensions
Magento's content management suite has transformed from a basic data entry tool into an enterprise-ready content powerhouse. With the new-and-improved Page Builder, merchants can easily create dynamic and engaging experiences without writing a single line of code. More than a simple Text Editor, the new Page Builder gives business users the ability to create their own designs with templates and layouts as well as to leverage feature-rich content types such as full-page video, enhanced image sliders, tabs, accordions, and much more. What's more, the new Page Builder is completely extensible -- merchants can customize it with extensions which effortlessly add to or adapt our modernized toolset for their needs. Finally, staying true to Magento's roots, developers can create truly custom content types and experiences for virtually anything imaginable. In this session, join Magento's Olena Tkacheva as she showcases some of exciting new possibilities Page Builder places at your fingertips