Olga Kopylova

Lead Architect, Magento Commerce

Olga is a lead architect in Magento Commerce. She joined Magento in 2010 as a developer, and later joined the first Magento 2 team, where she worked on such things as introducing Composer into Magento, setup application, and is currently is working on PHP 7.2 support for Magento 2.3. Olga loves and promotes such basic, but yet important things, as simple design, good naming, and consistent terminology; and is a big supporter of the open and clear processes, which became a big part of her job. Internally, Olga started Magento bar camps and truly believes in meetups and other cooperative learning as a good exercise.

Breakout Sessions VI
What’s in Magento 2.3?
Got 2.3 on your mind? Learn about the release strategies for Magento 2.3, including features and patch releases planned. Coverage on PHP 7.2 support, improved DB schema upgrade management, graphQL, powering PWA and best practices for a functional test framework will be included, as well as highlighting key community projects. You don’t want to miss this exciting update!