Oliver Sosinsky

Sr. Solutions Engineer, Redstage

Oliver has 10 years of experience in the aerospace testing industry with a background in Electrical Engineering. He left manufacturing in 2015 to join the e-commerce world, and has since been part of the Solutions Engineering team at Redstage Worldwide. There, he helps merchants find the most effective tech to meet their business goals. His biggest areas of focus have been the technical challenges of b2b e-commerce, such as fulfillment and user management, and the testing-driven optimization of user interfaces.

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Optimizing Mobile Conversion: 7 Surprising Results from a Magento Community Study
For the past 11 months, 29 Magento agencies have tested over $500 million in transactions to help improve mobile conversion. Result: Over 9.3% increase in revenue for the 130 merchants in the Mobile Optimization Initiative. Learn seven surprising ways merchants and agencies are designing ecommerce experiences to close the mobile revenue gap.