Raghu Kakarala

Managing Partner, FortyFour

Raghu is the Managing Partner at FortyFour. FortyFour partners with leading brands to establish complete commerce platforms that grow and scale, from attracting customers, creating rich brand enhancing experiences, and following transactions from payments through fulfillment. Prior to cofounding FortyFour he helped build and grow Spunlogic and Engauge into one of the largest private agencies in the country before its sale to Publicis. Since cofounding FortyFour in Atlanta, he has helped grow FortyFour into a premier place for local talent to envision and create great work for leading clients. FortyFour has grown to over 50 employees in its headquarters in Atlanta with clients in North America, Latin America, and Europe.

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Commerce Best Practices
Anyone, Anytime, and Anywhere: Transforming a Traditional Commerce and Distribution Model to One Driven by Customer-Centric Innovation.
Coca-Cola En Tu Hogar (Coca-Cola in Your Home) is a well-regarded part of everyday life in Mexico that delivers bulk water to more than 1 million families, the way the milk man used to do it decades ago, with no pre-order but just a visit from your Coca-Cola truck once a week. Learn how Coca-Cola Mexico used Magento to innovate their business with a true ‘Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere’ commerce experience that engages the newer, younger demographic of Mexican customers.