Raj Balasundaram

SVP, Artificial Intelligence, Emarsys

Raj Balasundaram is an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) aficionado. Raj runs the AI innovations team for Emarsys. As a trusted advisor for leading marketers, he has successfully helped them leverage their data to out-manoeuvre competitors and achieve superior financial results. Being a keen storyteller, he often simplifies complex digital marketing challenges into practical frameworks to passionately advocate customer centricity marketing techniques. Raj has delivered key notes at a variety of global conferences and road shows, evangelizing the art of data intelligence-based marketing. He is also passionate about mentoring and teaching; he works with young aspiring marketers, giving them inspiring insights into the complex world of AI marketing practices.

Breakout Sessions II
Winning Solutions
From Laggards to Innovators: How Successful Brands are Embracing Hype-Free AI for Accelerating Revenue
Join Emarsys’ charismatic SVP of AI, Raj Balasundaram, for this inside view of how brands are leveraging the power of the machine to drive conversions, AOV and repeat customers. Raj will demonstrate the ‘adoption gap’ and explain the reasons why so many companies still struggle to deliver on the promise of marketing despite the availability of powerful technologies. He will demonstrate how turn-key tactics can enable Magento merchants to compress time-to-value through rapid deployment, leveraging the true power of AI to align company revenue growth goals with true 1:1, omni-channel customer experiences.