Ravichandran Menon

Systems Architect, Magento Marketplace, Magento Commerce

Ravi is a systems architect and a server-side developer, leading all the technical areas of Magento Marketplace.  Earlier, Ravi has worked in companies like Yahoo!, Akamai, PayPal,   led development efforts at various start-ups,  and  co-founded a mobile ad company. In his spare time Ravi likes to travel, read and spend time with his family.

Breakout Sessions IX
Magento Marketplace's New Extension Quality Program
Magento Marketplace has an established process to vet and improve the quality of extensions that are sold through it. In this session, extension developers will learn the details of that process , the changes we're about to launch, and other improvements including the Magento Functional Test Framework that will be released in the second half of 2018.