Rebecca Brocton

Solution Specialist, JH

Rebecca is an experienced, enthusiastic & gin infused eCommerce specialist who is extremely passionate about Magento, rumour has it she actually bleeds orange.
As a devoted and active member of the community she's committed to sharing and helping others however she can.
Social media is her natural habitat and so you can always find her on Twitter, Instagram or posting new videos to her YouTube Channel.

Breakout Sessions I
Growth Strategies
eCommerce Saves the Millennium: Why Omnichannel is Retail's Only Hope
As we evolve, our focus on convenience has been at the forefront of technology. The internet has the superpowers of speed, ease, and presence, but as we all know: With great power, comes great responsibility. Originally cast in the role of villain, eCommerce is now the last hope for physical stores. More and more retailers are proving that collaboration has a far greater reach for growth than competition. This talk will cover the most common challenges of online and offline efforts, and what can be done to bridge the gaps for customers, regardless of where, when, or how they shop.