Renato Cason

Tech Lead, BitBull

Renato is a backend developer with eight years of Magento experience, specializing in high-traffic websites. His path started in a small Italian town and brought him to London, where he continued to discover Magento's darkest secrets and best practices. However, not much of that would have been possible without the curiosity and passion that led him to try, learn, and mix new technologies and methodologies.

Breakout Sessions III
The Beginning of your GraphQL Journey with Magento Commerce 2.3
If you plan to develop a PWA or a mobile application on top of your Magento store, GraphQL support is your favorite feature of version 2.3.0. The initial version will not have the same coverage as REST APIs, but will provide a much better way of building ever-evolving integrations with one or more clients. This talk will show you all about GraphQL API and how to implement your custom queries and mutations, and finally it will focus on security and performance.