Renato Cason

Head of Development, END.

Renato is a backend developer with six years of Magento experience, specializing in high-traffic websites. His path started in a small Italian town and brought him to London, where he continued to discover Magento's darkest secrets and best practices. However, not much of that would have been possible without the curiosity and passion that led him to try, learn, and mix new technologies and methodologies. He is currently Head of Development at END., the leading global online destination for contemporary menswear.

Breakout Sessions I
Understand and Improve Your Magento 2 Store Caching and Performance
Explore the various caching levels that Magento 2 provides: First, how to leverage cache entry tagging in order to optimize invalidation and understand any potential risk. Second, how the Varnish integration works and what developers should take into account when implementing a custom functionality. Both topics take a practical approach, showcasing real-life examples. Attendees take away useful tools for profiling and a better understanding of how everything works under the hood.