Richard Adams

Sr. Consultant, FitForCommerce

Richard is a senior consultant at FitForCommerce with 20 years of experience in eCommerce. He has had leadership roles in omnichannel technology organizations as an enterprise executive, startup founder, and consultant. Prior to FitForCommerce, Richard was the General Manager of Beauty Incubation Group, where he built out the technical and operational infrastructure to launch multiple beauty brands at leading retailers and managed successful and innovative digital, mobile and content marketing, and social programs. Previously, at a leading professional services consultancy, he helped omnichannel retailers create seamless shopping experiences for their customers and led successful replatforming and optimization projects for billion dollar retailers that resulted in significant increases in sales and reductions of cost. As the Vice President of ECommerce at Vera Wang, he was responsible for all eCommerce and digital initiatives. Richard holds an M.A. from the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California, along with a B.A. from The University of Rochester.