Rowan Merewood

Senior Developer Advocate, Google

Rowan is a Developer Advocate for Chrome and the web at Google. His focus at Google is ensuring that the web is not just a first-class experience for users, but that it’s also a natural and intuitive platform for developers. He focuses on e-commerce currently, which means looking at how the technical best practice can really be translated into viable business cases.

Previously he’s worked across several products, such as Android, Firebase, and Google Now – so he’s particularly interested in those intersections where users transfer from one device or interface to another in the course of completing a single task.

On the off-chance you want to talk about something non-work related then obscure or terrible horror films are a good opener.

Breakout Sessions IV
Performance Profiling: Tools of the Trade
There are always new performance optimizations to improve your site. It’s just hard to figure out where to make them, and how well they’ll benefit your store. In this talk we will explain the performance profiling process end-to-end from analysis of your front-end, to fixing the issues, defining a performance budget, and enforcing it to make those changes stick.