Sam Bayer

CEO, Corevist

Sam is the Founder and CEO of Corevist, a cloud based provider of B2B eCommerce website for Manufacturers who run their businesses on SAP ERP. Since the company's incorporation in 2008, Sam has led the Corevist team to develop, sell and implement the Corevist technology in conjunction with Magento to Manufacturers like Honeywell, Merck and Crayola who process over $1B per year in orders.

Breakout Sessions VI
Getting Real About Integrating Magento with your ERP system.
Integrating Magento with ERP systems is more than just a technical endeavor. Using 10 years of project experience, Sam Bayer will review the importance of considering all stakeholder requirements including customer service reps, salespeople, IT support staff, and of course customers. A methodology for considering the tradeoffs associated with batch versus real time integrations with ERP will also be discussed. Lastly, the importance of incorporating time-to-market, long term support, and maintenance requirements into the integration architecture design will be underscored.