Stefan Künzle

Head of Global eCommerce IT, Danaher Dental

As the Head of Global eCommerce IT, Stefan is driving the digitalization of sales and services for the brands of Danaher’s Dental platform.  Under his leadership, an online store built for a single brand is now being refactored to a scalable platform serving various brands across the Danaher Dental businesses.

Prior to joining Danaher Dental, Stefan has held various positions in Marketing and IT, always in the context of digitalizing customer experiences.

Breakout Sessions V
Upgrade at Scale : How Nobel Biocare Used an M2 upgrade to Quickly Deploy their Family of Global Brands
Stefan Kuenzle and Dmytro Dotsenko share their experience through the exciting journey of Magento 2 migration. Furthermore, they were able to create a reusable global reference architecture which allowed them to streamline the launch of new global brands in two month windows.