Steve Kwak

Partner Success Engineer, Adobe

Steve is a Partner Success Engineer at Adobe. His main role is to help developers integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud products like Adobe XD. In the past, he served a similar role at an ad tech company where he helped client developers integrate machine learning-enhanced marketing APIs. Before that he was a consultant for tech firms, helping with strategy and third-party API integrations. One of his team’s main initiatives this year is to constantly improve XD extensibility which was opened in October last year to the public.They create public documentations, tutorials, and samples. and work with developers to receive feedback including feature requests and bug reports, triage developers' feedback, and work with Adobe product teams to improve the extensibility platform.

Intro to Adobe XD and Plugins: Supercharge UX Design
Experience design has become a hot topic for product creators and teams worldwide, in part because in crowded marketplaces, delivering a great customer experience is a strong differentiator. Adobe XD is used by experience designers around the world to create great user experiences. XD users enjoy a performant and focused set of design tools, robust prototyping, animation and transitions, voice design, stakeholder collaboration features, and a growing ecosystem of plugins. Come learn about Adobe XD, XD plugins, and the XD plugin APIs. We'll show you how to build your first plugin for XD with the XD plugin JavaScript APIs.