Steven Hoffman

Senior Software Architect, Jomashop

Steven Hoffman is the Senior Software Architect at IR500 for the past five years. He was instrumental with the implementation of the's technical SEO. He believes that SEO should work in tandem with site stability and customer satisfaction. The sum value of all of the changes tweaks since the original Magento implementation was two straight years of 200% organic growth. He also enjoys exploring new ideas and is a member of the New York State Bar.

Breakout Sessions I
Commerce Best Practices
eCommerce SEO - Exposing the Customer’s Experience to Google
We will discuss eCommerce SEO best practices from a merchant’s perspective. The components of e-commerce SEO will be described at a high-level. A detailed focus will be given to important technical SEO considerations. Topics covered will include, the components of e-commerce SEO, common mistakes to avoid, and some experiences we had while running an Enterprise Magento store.