Talesh Seeparsan

CTO, Bit79

Talesh started working with Magento in the confusing early days of Magento Beta. Over the last 10 years he has transitioned into a role of Consulting Magento Architect, working with companies to direct their Magento projects. 

Throughout his 2 decades in web application development Talesh has held a keen interest in the security. Given the recent renewed interest in Magento security Talesh has started evangelizing defensive development practices and helping teams build defensive Magento operations via a podcast at magedef.com

Breakout Sessions II
Lessons in Fort Building: How Magento and it's Community Thwarted Hackers
This is the story of bad actors trying to break into Magento stores. We get insight into how these gangs work and how the Magento community worked with Magento, an Adobe Company, to leverage best in class tactics for repelling attacks effectively. Taken together, we see how Open Source facilitates, stronger and better software via open analysis of security. The technical focus will be at a high level without completely eschewing code on screen. We lead up to the incredible statistics of Magento 2 and how it represents the best of everything we have learned in the last 5 years.