Tom Day

Managing Director, Screen Pages

Tom is Managing Director at Screen Pages Ltd. He has worked in ecommerce for nearly 14 years and has experience in every element of ecommerce website design, delivery and management and managing an established and well-regarded digital agency. Working with over 300 brands, some for well over a decade, Tom has helped small, medium and large businesses grow and take advantage of the technological change constantly being introduced in ecommerce.

Breakout Sessions VIII
Small Business
Planning and delivering a Magento 2 Upgrade from a Magento 1 Base
Talking through the details and lessons learned from two major Magento 1 to Magento 2 Commerce Edition upgrade projects conducted over the past 18 months and 5-6 other Open Source upgrades. Covering the original scoping and solution architecture phases, through the development, testing and delivery of the finished build and into post launch live operations.