Zee Aganovic

Founder, President & CEO, HiConversion

Zee is a high-tech executive and serial entrepreneur. He has held several key executive positions, including the role of President and CEO of Apptimum, Inc.that resulted in a successful acquisition by Microsoft. Before joining Apptimum, he built several start-up companies, including Cylex Systems, which was acquired by Ricoh, the world’s largest copier company. Zee co-invented one of the world’s first ASP-specific patents and holds both a masters and doctoral degree in optimization theory from Rutgers University.

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Optimizing Mobile Conversion: 7 Surprising Results from a Magento Community Study
For the past 11 months, 29 Magento agencies have tested over $500 million in transactions to help improve mobile conversion. Result: Over 9.3% increase in revenue for the 130 merchants in the Mobile Optimization Initiative. Learn seven surprising ways merchants and agencies are designing ecommerce experiences to close the mobile revenue gap.