Addressy overcomes a key frustration in ecommerce checkouts by making it quicker and easier for users to enter their address. Our smart technology auto-suggests as the user types, returning accurate delivery addresses that have been verified against official data sources including USPS and Canada Post. This new style of address verification works just like a search engine, and ensures every address is complete and accurate at the point of entry. The advanced Fuzzy error correction even recognizes when users misspell words, leave out part of the address or make typos. The service also eliminates common customer address issues such as unknown ZIP+4 codes or problems with mail delivery to apartments and suites. Setting up Addressy is as simple as ‘copy & paste’, be up and running on website forms in minutes. Over 11,000 customers already trust us to deliver mind-blowing data quality that improves their shipping efficiency and creates a seamless user experience.